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Cengage Learning is a global education company that advances the way students learn through engagement, empowerment and discovery.  With a focus on technology, the company works to develop new ways to collaborate, inspire and improve learning through its digital platforms.  Headquartered in Boston, MA with an office hub in San Francisco, Cengage Learning has 5,000 employees in nearly forty countries and company sales in more than 125 countries around the world.

Over the past three years, Cengage has transformed from a highly regarded textbook publisher into a leading edtech company with an innovative approach to the learner and the learning process.  The company focuses on deeply understanding the needs of students – how they work and learn – to deliver personalized education experiences that engage and prime them for success. 

As job growth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) continues to outpace job growth in all other areas, equipping students with the skills and training they need to succeed in the job market is a top priority for Cengage Learning.  MindTap, Cengage Learning’s flagship digital tool, is available for more than 650 courses spanning the STEM disciplines. The MindTap course experience integrates reading, homework, quizzing and multi-media assets into an engaging experience for the user.  Most importantly for STEM careers, this flexible learning platform lets instructors bring in content and applications from any source to give students real world context to make their learning experience interesting and relevant.  This flexibility in designing the learning path helps motivate and keep students on their STEM learning pathway.


The personalized learning path is based on pedagogy proven to increase comprehension and retention.  In a recent head-to-head study of approximately 2,000 chemistry students at Texas Tech University, a professor examined the performance of MindTap General Chemistry users versus users of a competitor’s chemistry product.  MindTap users overwhelmingly outperformed users of the other product.  The percentage of students who received a course grade of A or B more than doubled from 32 percent to 66 percent.  With close to one million users and double digit growth each year, MindTap is providing a platform that supports critical thinking and problem-solving skills to better align academic goals with the skills employers need in their workforce

Furthering our commitment to empowering students with the tools they need to succeed in STEM fields, Cengage Learning will roll out MindTap for Developmental Mathematics in 2016, a dramatically different approach to developmental learning.  To succeed in post-secondary learning environments, millions of students need the academic preparation provided by developmental learning courses.  Foundational math skills are especially important to successful career paths in the STEM fields.  Currently, more than fifty percent of students entering two-year schools enroll in one or more developmental math course.   And many of these students never complete their first semester course.  Investing in a new way to help these students succeed in math and move more quickly into the credit-bearing curriculum is a priority at Cengage.

Research shows that nearly half of the developmental math students need interactive and personalized help – and they need this help to be available 24/7.  Working with thousands of students and hundreds of educators, the pedagogy behind MindTap for Developmental Math was designed, tested and refined to reflect student “learnflow” – how students learn and how they fit learning into their lives.  It is flexible to individual learning paths, while offsetting common obstacles, including: math anxiety, time management, access to resources outside of the classroom and lack of personalized help. 

Successfully completing developmental course work the first time through is powerful and can open the door to education and employment for tens of thousands of college students.  But we also know that to prepare students to thrive and excel in the global economy, an interest and passion for the STEM fields needs to be nurtured at a young age.  Children who grow up interacting with STEM subjects are more likely to pursue these areas as they make their education and career choices.  National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, works to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders through educational content that unleashes students’ curiosity and draws real world connections to their education.  

Through innovative programming, including a Book Club and Explorers program, National Geographic Learning encourages students to explore careers and opportunities available in the STEM fields.  Events, student awards and speaking engagements draw on real world accounts of National Geographic explorers, scientists, writers and photographers to demonstrate the exciting opportunities in the STEM fields. 


These active adventures provide an opportunity to engage students and bring the world of science into the classroom.  Supporting and driving an interest in the STEM fields from an early age helps to build a robust pipeline of students interested in pursuing STEM education and career opportunities. 

Cengage Learning is proud to support the STEM ecosystem by empowering students with digital tools to advance the way they learn, creating innovative approaches to developmental education and cultivating an interest in STEM from a young age by bringing real world experiences into the classroom.  The long-term outcome of these efforts is a workforce that is well positioned to meet the demands of tomorrow’s job market.


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