About Us

About SHEC

The STEMconnector® STEM Higher Education Council (SHEC) mission is to bring focused energy to Higher Education’s leading high impact practices using our unique membership model of colleges, universities and industry partners. We emphasize STEM pipeline-to-jobs, then inventory and integrate these efforts. We envision being the national catalyst for meeting the education and training needs of the global STEM workforce and educating the scientists, technologists and innovators needed for a vibrant economy. We build on the energy of others in support of boundary-breaking collaborations between higher education and industry to achieve impactful results that can be recognized and scaled up. 

About Scaling STEM Success

To build on the success of Advancing a Jobs-Driven EconomyScaling STEM Success: Nurturing and Retaining STEM Talent is an exciting and unique project that features trailblazers across the country whose STEM goals are aligned.  This virtual platform showcases their efforts towards equipping students for the STEM workforce and the impact on job creation that SHEC members are having across the country through STEM programs and boundary-breaking partnerships. Scaling STEM Success allows SHEC members to share best practices for STEM education, workforce preparedness and meaningful collaborations across industries.