About STEM Higher Education Council

The STEM Higher Education Council (SHEC) is a leadership forum of public and private colleges intently focused on STEM education and careers. SHEC envisions being the national catalyst for meeting the education and training needs of the global STEM workforce and educating the scientists, technologists, and innovators needed for a vibrant economy. 

SHEC serves as a forum for leaders in higher education and industry to work collaboratively in order to promote partnerships that lead to employability for students seeking STEM careers. SHEC’s mission is to bring focused energy to Higher Education’s high impact practices, increasing the emphasis on STEM pipeline-to-jobs. SHEC inventories and integrates current efforts, building on the energy of others in support of collaborations between higher education and industry. 

SHEC addresses the human capital challenge through a distinctive committee-based thought leadership forum that includes: 

  • Business Engagement & Innovation: Increase the involvement of corporate partners and focuses on STEM talent in various workforce sectors. 
  • Diversity: Advance diversity and inclusion in STEM programs and initiatives. 
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE): Propose a call to action at the national, state and local levels surrounding CTE initiatives and how CTE is powering U.S. jobs. 
  • Government Grants Resource Group: Support STEM initiatives at the federal level and advocates for funding of STEM programs. 
  • Instructional Excellence: Focus on STEM learning through innovative educational experiences and engagement of teachers and counselors. 
  • Partnerships: Build partnerships between higher education and industry through experiential learning, internship programs and more. 
  • Research & Development: Create and connect students with high-quality undergraduate research experiences and advocates for access to funding for research initiatives.